Piece by Piece

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A contemporary romance featuring friends to lovers and marriage of convenience tropes.

Aria Sutton is determined to be nothing like her drug-addict mother. All Aria needs is a few more years to turn her life around, but when her mom messes up again, Aria’s fragile world comes crashing down around her. Suddenly homeless, she carries the weight of not only her survival but also that of her preteen brother. Her only hope is Luke Hardin, her childhood crush who fled their neighborhood six years ago and never looked back.

The last thing Luke expects is Aria’s desperate call for help. After the way he left things between them, the least he can do is let her and her brother crash at his place. With her sleeping down the hall, the past comes rushing back, ready or not. But for Luke, going down memory lane brings back demons from his past that he’d rather keep buried, and the steady life he’s built for himself is threatened.

The boundaries Aria and Luke set are put to the test when circumstances force them closer than ever. While meticulously planning her future, Aria never considered leaving room for the possibility of love. As they navigate the trials of life, Luke questions whether he’s strong enough to let Aria go again. Maybe they can use the pieces of their broken lives to build a better life. Together.

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Twila Mason is a writer of romance, women's fiction, poetry, and short stories. 

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